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Why Use WordPress Content Manager?

We don’t lock you into a custom management system, like most super low cost or free sites!

12/2014 WORDPRESS the web site editor that we use now runs over 20% of the ENTIRE INTERNET!

These sites have to be taken apart page by page and all the photos, pdfs and other files downloaded. THEN your have to copy the text over and reformat it. THEN upload and insert all the files.

You LOSE EVERYTHING, your e-mail, your stats, your setups. With us is 2 clicks and the ENTIRE web site is moved to another server of your choice, that is why we use WordPress, not to mention 96+ MILLION sites cannot be all wrong.

WordPress is FREE, and your ENTIRE web site can be moved in MINUTES at no charge!

WE can also maintain your site in 1/5 the time it takes with normal methods or YOU can do some or all yourself, a friend, relative etc. no mater where they live.”

The SEO “search engine optimization” plug in that works “with” all the search engines is better than the majority of “SEO service providers” and cost you NOTHING, most of them charge $39/mo and up. YOURS IS FREE!

The editor we use “wordpress” has been around since 2003. It even does all the heavy lifting for you as it automatically creates the navigation buttons as you create pages, most time consuming thing in web sites.

At the bottom of “each” page in the “edit mode” is a backup copy of just that page, so YOU can restore it “to before”, if you really screw up, it does an automatic backup and keeps the last 20 revisions or more. Just click on the link and your page is like it was before.

Ever been to a friends house or sitting at your desk at work, or at a restaurant with your laptop surfing, and come up with an idea you wanted to put on your website immediately? With this website software you can create new pages, or change pages in just a few seconds.

You can edit your new website from any computer, any time, any where you can connect to the internet with any operating system (windows, mac, Linux ) all you have to have is a web Browser! Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. Just call up your website and log in , just like you would any other on-line service like Myspace, Facebook, Hotmail, ect. and start adding or redoing your web pages.

If you know how to use Microsoft Word or Publisher. If you know how to type words and paste picture’s in e-mails then this website editing system is for you. It’s that simple!

It maybe used on any personal, organization and/or commercial projects, and with several people doing it so no one will get burnt out.

Why would you want to pay a company, a yearly license fee (ON EACH computer) for software that does the same job as this website editing system and is easier to use?

You or anyone you like, or US can do it for you in 1/5 the time it normally takes.

This editing software does not require you to be an expert with computer languages like html, java, php knowledge in order to use it on your website. We set it up for you on the web server (Internet computer). we will create you a PERSONAL theme. Then start creating web pages for your new website typing, pasting, inserting pictures, Youtube video’s.

Your only limitation is your imagination.