Web Hosting And Domain Registration

For a Group, Organization, Club, HOA or Members

If you have a Group, Organization, Club, HOA  or Membership and want a members only section we offer 2 websites for 1 1/2 price of a discounted rate reserved for our 501C organizations.

We do  this because it is the only way to MAKE SURE and easily maintain a secure MEMBERS SECTION.  The ENTIRE 2nd web site is on a DIFFERENT SERVER than the public one.  It is totally password protected with usually ONE password for all members or can be individual.  This also allows for different people to EDIT the sites and only if you put a person as a administrator on BOTH sites can they edit both sites.

Get MULTIPLE people evolved as 90% of the people get tired and quit after about 6 months.  We will ALWAYS be here to edit/add to/ change your site for a REDUCED RATE equal to $8/hr for someone who does not do this every day nor has done it for MANY years.

We use WORDPRESS on both sites and they are set up identical for easy maintaining.

An example of this is  The Trace in Greenwood   button_more