Web Hosting And Domain Registration

Why Do You Need A Web Site?

A web site is excellent for the following reasons plus many more to come in the future.

1.. Full color catalog, with as many pages and images that you want, available to anyone at anytime from anywhere in the world. PLUS you can change it at NO COST, EVERYDAY if you want.

2.. Advertising in phone books,  newspapers, flyer’s, business cards, on your signs, on your vehicles, music on hold, answering machine or voice mail ANY PLACE YOU CAN – with the addition of your web site address you are handing them your full color catalog at the same time; at NO COST to you. At the high cost of adds these days you can go with smaller less expensive adds but at the same time most people, especially the ones with money to spend, will have access to an entire catalog of your services.

3.. The Internet is here to stay – use it! Put your web site name on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that has your company name on it, hats, shirts, license plates, vehicles, music on hold, voice mail, front sign, yard signs, all advertising, invoices, purchase orders, statements, quotes, pens, pencils, rulers, cups, etc., etc., IT’S FREE ADVERTISING.

4.. Here are some of the things our customers have told us about their sites.

a.. People visiting have said “I did not know your did that” or “I did not know you sold that”

b.. People visiting developers and contractors sites have said “I didn’t know you built that”

c.. People will not generally call you to ask what you do – but they will go to your web site

d.. Your web site provides “up to the minute information” – not outdated printed information that usually is obsolete before your customer gets it, and at a fraction of the cost, plus reaches all over the world 24/7. A big plus is that people always know where to find your catalog and your information. Can you always find the CD or printed catalog your want?

e.. People will e-mail you from your web site for quotes and questions that will not call you. Then you decide at your own pace, and not being confronted. to provide the information or not.

5.. Your e-mail address is “permanent” no matter what isp dial up service ( aol, msn, etc. etc. ) you chose, in this way you can change as often as you want to save money or because of bad service without changing your e-mail address. It is also more professional to have sales or info@YourWebSite.com than user1234566787899@aol.com. Your e-mail addresses will remain the same even if you have someone else host your site in the future.

Your e-mail with us is also available to send and read from any computer on the Internet at no extra charge. We also can provide e-mail addresses as whatever@Use123.com our directory site or your can use your isp dial up service provided e-mail address for shopping, news letters, and such that you don’t want associated with your business.

6..You can sell “downloadable” items as e-books, recipes, songs, what ever. You and also have multi level pricing, assign a “group” to a person and they will see retail, wholesale, distributor, etc. pricing, depending on what group you put them in.  You can have a PayPal shopping cart for free – check examples at bottom of page – click here

BUT if you think just having a web site will bring thousands of people to your door to buy your services or products, you are mistaken. We use the latest technology in writing web sites but so do thousands of other web masters; also many search engines take money to put you at the top of the list. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars, don’t think this way.


To create a normal site INCLUDING BUILT IN wordpress editor will average from $200 to $300 depending on the amount and the type information you give us. Pictures already as computer files and text provided by e-mail or word processor files will reduce your costs.

Note: new customers are accepted on a limited bases, we do not overtax our abilities and are interested in a long term relationship which is the reason our prices are low. Total costs will be provided before we start any project.


Ever wish that “whatever computer” you sat down at you could check and send e-mail from your e-mail address, including sending files and pictures, plus keep a copy of what you sent?

How about a list of all the people you know with addresses, phone numbers, birthdays etc. that you could easily access from anywhere, anytime, even on vacation out of the country?

Well you can – read on.

I have tried to make this as simple as possible, if you don’t understand something please feel free to e-mail me or call. If you think of wording that is easier to understand please e-mail it to me.

Your E-mail is received and stored inside your web site folder on our servers. This eliminates the need for a separate e-mail server, like a lot of other providers do, it cuts down on spam e-mail, and is more secure. It stays there till you either delete it online or download it into your computer.

You can send and read your e-mail directly from your computer as you do now and you can do the same online from any computer on the Internet using the three different e-mail readers built into your site, all three always available – chose the one you want to use.

1.. E-mail send, read, reply, delete, forward, send e-mail with attachments, send to groups, anything you can do from your computer you can do online from any computer on the Internet. You can also upload your contacts list from your computer.

2.. Contacts – you can store all types of information, phone numbers, addresses work/home, birthday, spouse, etc. etc. which is available to you from ANY computer on the Internet.

3..Schedule – full scheduler system with calendar

4..To Do – says it all

5.. Notes – says it all

Do not store online banking this way, on your favorites list, or remembered passwords, nor should you ever store credit card information on any store site.

7.. Preferences – you can customize all of the above in many different ways