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Our Email – The BEST of both worlds

Our email servers are located at RackSpace.com one of the largest, oldest data centers in the world and I wish we could afford hosting web sites there.

These servers are SECURE with https security, same as banks use, so you can be assured of privacy.

Using the portal access you can safely use your email at restaurants, airports – anywhere.

FREE email?  Expect to be HACKED, data mined,  and have your contact list COPIED

Forwarding emails now works “some of the time” so any addresses you have copied to your main address will work “some of the time”

Emails sending server address, reply to address and the from address MUST be the SAME or you email gets there “some of the time”

The ONLY email form generator for your web site we have found to work ALL the time is  GravityForms.com which we are offereing at a reduced price.

Using Outlook on your computer only works  “some of the time”

Our email servers provide  25 GIG of storage MINIMUM (about 10X the average, I have over 400,000 in my account many with attachments = 7GIG) you can send to 50 people at a time (have more use MailChimp.com which is FREE), receive 50 MEG attachments, SEND UNLIMITED size attachments, calendar that will TEXT you about appointments, download as MANY emails as you want to your computer in a .zip file, and the list goes on.

Cost $2/mo   (gmail using your website name $5/mo   outlook  $10/mo)
you can go direct but RackSpace has a $10/mo minimum.

Sync  $1/mo
just as it says, it syncs your PHONE with the server with email, contacts and more so that you can “share” or click to email on your phone and the messages will be synced to the email server.   Delete messages from your phone and they will be put into the “trash” on the server and you have 2 weeks to retrieve.

ARCHIVE  cost $3/mo per account    (TOTAL COST FOR ALL 3 SERVICES less than the standard account at Gmail and 1/2 the cost of Outlook and they BOTH DO NOT HAVE ARCHIVE)  The standard account retains emails for 3 years, archive forever.  On a SEPARATE server with a search engine.

Message recovery – Has a user accidentally deleted an email? Don’t worry, with one click administrators can forward the messages of any individual user back to that user’s inbox, eliminating stress over lost or deleted emails.

Disaster recovery and business continuity – How safe is your email? With Email Archiving your messages stay safe and accessible from 2 data centers at opposite sides of the United States. We also offer bulk data export in a variety of formats for a one-time fee of $6/GB for EML format and $9/GB for PST format. So, you can rest soundly knowing your emails will be there when you need them.

Legal compliance – Don’t wait for a subpoena to discover the value of email archiving. Power your email with Email Archiving technology to proactively prepare your organization for e-discovery.

Compliance building – Email Retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let Email Archiving help you build a corporate compliance policy that scales to keep you covered.