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E-Mail Warning


There are “countries” involved in cyber attacks and e-mail spam. So they are VERY hard to stop.

Click image to make full size – this is one just got from Post Office – if you put your mouse over any link on a page at the bottom left corner of your browser you will SEE what the link actually is. Even if it looks ok http://site.com.un can be a TOTALLY different site then site.com

So unless you are SURE!!!!!! don’t click on e-mail links – go to the website and log in with your account info if you think it might be real.

We get these DAILY through a tripple filter, addressed from PayPal, UPS, IRS, Wells Fargo, Chase YOU NAME IT and LOOK totally legit, click on the link and your computer is dead or you install a program that collects and sends all your information now and in the future.

bogus_e-mail 20130911 Click picture to enlarge